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Box Construction Microfibre Duvet

Superking Duvet Microfibre 13.5 Tog Rated


100% Microfibre filled superking duvet 13.5 tog. Best to be used in the winter months of the year.
  • 100% Microfibre
  • 3 Year Guarantee
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Superking Duvet Microfibre Winter 13.5 Tog

A synthetic thick 13.5 tog superking duvet Microfibre. We recommend this 13.5 tog man-made duvet to be used during the winter period. This Microfibre superking duvet is made up of a fine fibre which is blown into the square pockets of each duvet. This creates a “bounce back” effect which keeps the duvets shape as if it were new. The design of the fibre allows the duvet to act and feel like a down filled duvet.

This new soft-touch Microfibre filling provides just the right amount of warmth for your body, whilst you sleeping.

This genuine 100% Microfibre filled duvet shouldn’t be confused with other types of “Microfibre duvets” which are covered with a Microfibre casing and not actually filled with Microfibre.

What is the cover made from on your Microfibre duvets? This question is often asked by potential customers. All our Microfibre duvets are covered with a 100% cotton casing which has a high thread count of 260.

The baffled wall box construction helps to keep the non-allergenic filling evenly spaced. Beautifully finished with a double sewn edge. One advantage of choosing a Microfibre duvet over polyester fill duvets is the temperature at which it can be washed. Washing the duvet at 60°C will kill dust mites.

For your peace of mind we have added a 3 year guarantee to all our Microfibre duvets.

Four bed sizes are available


  • Filling: 100% Microfibre
  • Cover: 100% pure cotton (260 tc)
  • Tog Rating: 13.5 tog
Information for your superking duvet Microfibre

Your 100% Microfibre duvet should last a long time given proper care.
Regularly air your duvet. When new, it should be aired for 24 hours before use.
This ensures maximum warmth and helps warm air flow inside it.
Designed to be washed at 60°C in home or commercial washing machines.
Lightweight and easy to maintain.
Non-allergenic. Perfect for allergy sufferers.

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