100% down filled superking all seasons siberian duvet
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Superking All Seasons Siberian Duvet 13.5 Tog


All seasons 100% Siberian goose down filled Superking 13.5 tog duvet (9 tog + 4.5 tog). Suitable for all year round use.
  • 100% Siberian Goose Down
  • 10 Year Guarantee
  • Free UK Delivery

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Superking All Seasons Siberian Duvet 9 Tog + 4.5 Tog

This outstanding superking all seasons Siberian duvet is normally used in the winter time when assembled together. These combination 13.5 tog ( 9 tog + 4.5 tog ) duo duvets are filled with 100% soft Siberian goose down (no feathers).

Made up of two natural down filled duvets that connect together, with buttons, which can be used combined or separately to suit the time of year. The 9 tog is convenient for the spring or autumn temperatures, whilst the 4.5 tog is well-suited for the summer months of the year. Button the two together to make one 13.5 tog rated first-class duo duvet that will protect you from the cold English winters.

Available to buy separately in 4.5 tog and 9 tog superking bed size.

The high quality new Siberian down used, which has the maximum fill power (750+) of any natural duvet type, has been specially chosen for it’s remarkable warmth holding ability. This exceptionally goose down produces the finest warmth to weight ratio found in any class of duvet.

This all seasons 100% Siberian duvet superking is made from a down-proof 100% pure cotton fabric. Consisting of a 500 thread count percale casing and baffled wall box construction. This keeps the hypo-allergenic filling evenly spaced in each pocket. Finished with a double piped edge for extra strength.

This all seasons Siberian king duvet is probably the finest duvet type you could find. It is light, comfortable and long-lasting. This new duvet is guaranteed for 10 years.

Find out more about our similar type 100% Hungarian goose down duvets, rated 13.5 tog.

Four bed sizes for Siberian duvets


  • Filling: 100% Siberian goose down
  • Fill Power: 750+
  • Cover: 100% pure cotton cambric (500 tc)
  • Tog Rating: 13.5 tog
Advice for your superking all seasons Siberian duvet

Your new duvet should last for many years given proper care.
Every now and again air your duvet. When new, it should be aired for one day before you use it. This procedure provides maximum warmth and assists warm air to flow inside.
Ruffle it from time to time to fill it with air and maximise it’s loft insulation.
Wash at 40°C in home or commercial washing machines.
Use a duvet cover to safeguard the duvet.
A practical duvet for all year round use.
Lightweight and easy to maintain.
Non-allergenic. Perfect for people who suffer from house dust allergies.

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