100% Hungarian Double Summer Duvet 4.5 Tog


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Suitable to use in the summer months.
  • 100% Hungarian Goose Down
  • Double 4.5 Tog ( 200cm x 200cm )
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4.5 Tog Goose Down Hungarian Double Summer Duvet

This premium quality 4.5 tog Hungarian double summer duvet is filled with 100% natural white goose down (no feathers). Beautifully fluffy and light-weight making it exceptionally delightful to sleep under.

Every 4.5 tog rated duvet has a, 100% pure-cotton, 400 thread count percale cover and square box construction to keep the allergy free filling evenly distributed. The high grade, fine Hungarian down used has been specially selected for it’s excellent thermal properties (750+ fill power), making it ideal for use during the summer season.

This Hungarian double summer duvet is extremely long lasting.

Available in four bed sizes


  • Filling: 100% Hungarian goose down
  • Fill Power: 750+
  • Cover: 100% pure cotton cambric (400 tc)
  • OEKO-TEX™ certified
Care for your Hungarian summer duvet
You can expect your natural duvet to last a life time given proper care.
When new, it should be aired for 24 hours before use. This ensures maximum warmth and helps warm air to flow inside.
Designed to be washed at 40°C in home or commercial washing machines. Ideally suited for warmer weather conditions. Lightweight and easy to maintain. Non-allergenic. Ideal for customers who suffer from house dust allergies.

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