Duvet Tog Ratings Value Explained

What Are Duvet Tog Ratings?

Whether the duvet or quilt is a man-made (synthetic) Microfibre type or a natural Hungarian / Siberian down type, the duvet tog ratings will remain the same. In other words tog ratings apply equally to whichever type of duvet is being rated.

A ‘tog’ is a UK industry standard name used for measuring the warmth of a duvet. The higher the tog rating, the warmer the duvet.

Togs are measured in units of thermal resistance. For instance if a duvet has a tog rating of 4.5 then it would be more likely be used in the summer months. And at the other end of the scale, a duvet with a tog rating of 13.5 would be used in the colder months of the year.

summer >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> winter
4.5 tog | 6 tog | 9 tog | 10.5 tog | 13.5 tog | 18 tog

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