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Duvet Types Natural Versus Synthetic

A question asked on numerous occasions by different potential customers is, “Which duvet types are the best?”.

The answer to this question is not as straight forward as it may seem. There are other questions to ask before the answer to this is clearer. For instance, do you prefer natural or synthetic duvet types? What is the difference in texture, longevity and performance between natural and synthetic types of duvet. Oh and the all-important subject of price and value for money.

Synthetic filled duvets such as Microfibre can be an excellent choice if your budget doesn’t stretch as far as you would like. When considering buying a Microfibre duvet look closely at the description. Some are described as “Microfibre” when only the casing of the duvet is genuine Microfibre. It’s important to take notice of the actual filling. The best Microfibre duvets have genuine Microfibre fill and a good quality cotton casing, perhaps 200 thread count and above.

If you have not owned a natural duvet before but often thought about buying one then take the opportunity when it arises, such as a treat for yourself and your partner in the January sales. Hungarian or Siberian are very popular duvet types. If they are filled with 100% goose down that’s even better. Nobody likes feathers poking through the duvets casing. The casing should be down-proof, perhaps over 300 thread count. Anything over 300 thread count is a tightly woven fabric. This will ensure that the down does not escape from the duvet.

Microfibre duvets, if they are of high quality and cared for correctly, should last for a good few years. The same applies to natural Hungarian and Siberian duvet types. Natural duvets should be washed infrequently and dried thoroughly.

A good quality Microfibre duvet can imitate a natural fill duvet. Imitate is the key word here and that’s why there is such a difference in price.

The choice of duvet type is really a personal preference.

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